Is this how credit card signup bonuses work?

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I thought I knew how the sign-on bonuses worked, but a friend of mine showed me I was wrong. He signed up for a credit card that offered 75,000 points if he spent $3k within 3 months. In the first month, he spent $6.5k. A whopping 150,000 points was transferred to his Qantas FF account.

Is that how the sign-on bonuses worked, i.e. every $3k (or whatever criteria they imposed) you earn the full sign-on bonus, so theoretically, if he spent $9k, he could have gotten 225,000 points? I did verify that he was not pulling my leg when he told me. He actually did get a double sign-on.

Can someone confirm?

Hi @pointhacked

Your friend got lucky. This is not how sign-up bonuses work. I’d be interested to hear which credit card gave him two lots of 75,000 points!

It does sound like a glitch. If you point hack enough, these glitches happen occasionally and they’re things to be grateful for when they do. Over the years, I’ve been the beneficiary of several very nice “glitches” myself.

Needless to say, you should not assume that if you take out the same card and spend the same amount of money, the same thing will happen to you.


Thanks 68,

I thought that was too good to be true. I believe it was an ANZ card, so I may well try the glitch if that card comes along again. Will report back if I also jackpot :slight_smile:

That’s definitely not how sign up bonuses work but myself and the Mrs both got the 2 x 75,000 points with the ANZ card too (from memory it was a Points Hack special offer for 75,000 points). I’m not sure if it was a glitch on their end but I definitely wasn’t going to ring them up to tell them!

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Yup, I just checked. Seemed like the same one as my mate. Wow - that must have been a pretty good glitch to exploit if there ever is one. Trial and error :slight_smile: