Is there anything wrong with my strategy for getting sufficient points for a business or first class seat from Australia to UK?

I know this probably gets asked a lot, but your help is appreciated. After going through all the point-hacks info, and with the sole target of getting a business or first class flight from Aus to UK, is the following the best plan

1 - Fly Singapore airlines for best availability and good product. Must book flight within 3 years of earning first Krisflyer points
2 - Get Amex cards, as best value cards for transferring to Krisflyer points
3 - Use the bonus points from the Virgin Money High Flyer visa to transfer to Krisflyer (1-0.74)
4 - Use the bonus points from Westpac altitude card to transfer to Krisflyer (1-0.4)

5 - Swipe velocity card every-time at BP petrols stations, then pay with Amex (double points).

Am I on the right track?

Thank you in advance,


Sounds about right. Put most of your expenses through Amex and look out for credit card signup bonuses that can help you earn Velocity or Krisflyer points/miles (since you are aiming for flying Singapore Airlines).

Hi Wesley,

I agree with Warren – it sounds about right and that strategy in itself will earn you plenty of points, but you’re leaving plenty of easy points on the table as well. You possibly might like to consider things like Flybuys, Energy Australia, BUPA, the Velocity e-store, etc etc, if they’re right for you financially:

FlyBuys alone could potentially earn you well over 50,000 KrisFlyer points each year (when converted to Velocity points and then to KrisFlyer). And if you’re ever purchasing from a retailer (eg. Apple, eBay) that has a presence on the Velocity e-store, you might as well do it through Velocity and get the points.

Electricity and health insurance … you’d be a fool to go with Energy Australia and BUPA merely to get the points (I’m not a customer of either). On the other hand it won’t do you any harm to at least have a look at their products that come with Velocity points, on the off-chance that one of them might be right for you. Ditto AGL which ties in with Flybuys.

So whether or not you’re on the right track there are other opportunities as well that you may be missing out on, and you also need to be on the lookout as more come up all the time (and some disappear as well, as happened last week with Virgin Mobile). If it’s appropriate for you and the price is right, don’t forget about them.