Is there anything stopping one from immediately re-applying for Citi Rewards Velocity FF card?

I’m just about to receive 100 000 Velocity Points with the Citi Rewards Velocity FF card.

I’m going to cancel it, and then immediately re-apply for the same card straight away.

I can’t see anything in the t&c stopping you from doing this. Am I right?

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Oh my…that’s brilliant. I can’t see anything in the T & Cs making you ineligible for the bonus points, as long as your new application is approved and you meet the other criteria like min spend etc. Please keep us posted on how you go with it.

Really a good catch…just make sure you have the current card open until the 100k Velocity points are credited to your account.

For obvious reasons, my brain got in to the habit of forgetting about the latest card applied for at least 12 months.

Hey @graham, is this the same citibank rewards card I mentioned a couple of months ago? :laughing:

You’re an absolute legend for noticing this!

Yes it is.

An easy way to earn 100,000 Velocity Points. :grinning:

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Hi @graham

Just wondering if you have received the 100k velocity points for your card and if you have managed to sign up again for the same card.


ck009 - I received the 100,000 points in less time than they allowed for in the t&c. (It was a good number of weeks less than they allow for in the t&c to be asked to supply my Velocity Number and then actually be given the points). Straight after receiving the 100,000 bonus Velocity points I cancelled the card, and then the next day I successfully re-applied for the same card and have just received it again. Citibank were good on both occasions in that it was approved with minimum fuss or docs, and the info required is less than other banks. I’ve already met the $3,000 spend for a second time and am now just awaiting the 100,000 points again. :grinning:

oh thats great. Please keep us posted on how you go with receiving the 2nd lot of bonus points. I am waiting for my bonus points to be credited now.

Is this the $99 per year one? That’s a great hack. Thanks

Yes that’s the one. It’s the Citi Velocity Rewards.

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Hey @graham, did you end up getting those bonus Virgin FF on your second Citi Velocity Rewards Card?

Hi jrattle,

It’s only been 4 weeks since I met the minimum spend on the second card. Under the t&c Citi says to allow up to 8 weeks before they will request your Velocity Number after meeting the minimum spend. But it shouldn’t be too long now based on the previous card. Will update as soon as they do. Hopefully they keep extending this offer! :grinning: