Is there any way around the minimum income requirements for credit cards?

Hi i am wanting to get a qantas card with the bonus points offer & one that allows me to earn 3pts per $1 spent. You may not be able to help me but you maybe to tell me what my options are and how to start earning as many qantas points as possible asap.
Do to an accident in 98 at the age of 13 i become a quadriplegic therefore i can not work and eventhough i was compensated – i have enough money in my account to pay off the whole credit card + the maxium penalty fees, because i dont have a job im not able to be issued with any of the nab qantas cards therefore im unable to earn any qantas points as i spend money and im not able take up the bonus joining offer of 150,000 or 200,000 qantas points which i dont believe is fair especially if i have enough money in my bank account to cover the maximum amount you can spend on the card + enough money to also cover the maximum penalty fees per month and this is every month.
Can you please instruct me as to wat im to do to enable me to earn the most qantas points without a qantas credit card and how i can go about possibly getting one of these credit cards that earns maximum points per $1 spent? Can you also please tell me in which stores in Australia i can redeem qantas points. Just wanted thank you in advance for your help its much appreciated.

There is no Qantas card that gives 3 points per $.

Also every card has a minimum income requirement

so are there no Qantas cards you can recommend for me?

Hi Sam,

I’m almost certain that there’s no Qantas card that will earn you 3 points per $1 spent. There are a couple of cards that will earn you 1.5 Qantas points plus an extra 1 point when you spend it on Qantas products, totalling 2.5 points per $ for purchases from Qantas only. And the American Express Platinum Edge will give you 3 points per $ on supermarket purchases – they can be converted to FF points at a 1:1 rate into several airlines’ programmes (eg. Virgin, Singapore, Cathay etc), but not Qantas. There are a few other high-end cards that might give you extra points for things like purchases at restaurants, overseas purchases etc. But as for everyday spend, the best you can hope for realistically is 1.5 points per $.

You can earn 2.5ish Qantas points per $ at some retailers if you’re savvy – for example, if you shop at Woolies with a Qantas AmEx Ultimate card and swipe your Woolworths Rewards card, and then convert your Woolworths Rewards points into Qantas FF points, you’ll effectively earn 2.37 Qantas points per $.

As for the problem of the minimum income requirement … your best bet is having an insider at the bank who can go into bat for you. Perhaps your first step could be to make an appointment with your local bank manager to see if he/she will plead your case for you. You could also, quite possibly, claim that by the bank not giving you a card you are being unfairly discriminated against because of your disability. But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to be very careful before putting in an official allegation of discrimination and that you should probably consult with a lawyer or disability advocate first.

As for which stores you can redeem Qantas points in … you’ll find all the information you need at the website.

All the very best, Sam. I’d be interested to know how you go.

Hi Sam

I may not be able to give a advice on the ‘minimum income requirements for the credit card’ side of things but if you are keen on earning qantas points and since you have a fair amount of money, i would suggest you consider the Qantas points earning transaction accounts like the Bankwest Qantas account which earns 12 points for every $100 of your monthly average balance. Just a thought.

Please post here on how you go with your credit card application so that others can be benefitted by the information.



Yes, there is a away around it and it doesnt seem you have even tried.

Your first point of call, is you need to go to a branch, and make an appointment first.

Your application requires the support of management before it goes into the system.  If you apply online you willl likely be declined by the robots and a person wont even have looked at it.

One thing to be mindful of, is itsgoing to be hard to get an appointment with someone senior enough at NAB if you are not already a customer.  You will come across as a tyre kicker if you just say you want a credit card and they will fob you off to the call centre.