Is there any way around the income requirements for higher tier credit cards?

I recently applied for the Westpac Altitude Black Card and they have approved with just two payslips even though I was working for a new company and my salary did not meet the threshold of $75,000 per annum (unless I was wrong with this?).

I tried to apply with NAB (NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Credit Card) and ANZ (ANZ Frequent Flyer Black) as I was attracted to the Bonus Points but I was offered their Platinum ones as they determined that I do not meet the minimum income threshold. Is there a way or trick that you can advice to go about it?

Let me know if any of you have success in “tricking” the system’s loopholes?

Thank you!

The ‘trick’ is you need higher income or lower expenses, or both.

You could lie on the application and overstate your income or other details, however if they find out you lied,  then you wont get any credit card at all, and then your name is mud with that bank.



Hi MelbourneDude,

A friend of mine was approved for the NAB signature card and they have a much lower income compared to you. However they do have a significant amount of assets which NAB ask you to declare when applying for their card. They also have a good credit score.

I agree with theblank’s comments; I wouldn’t lie to the bank about your income and assets as this could easily come back to bite you later.