Is there an uncapped Business credit card without international transaction fees?


I have a small business and put all expenses on a business credit card, which is currently a Commonwealth Bank Business Platinum Awards card. The problem is this card is capped at 300k points per year, which I hit a few months into the year and then earn no points for the rest of the year. One recent change for this card which is great is they’ve removed the international transaction fees on the AMEX card (not the MasterCard), as the vast majority of my business expenses are overseas expenses.

My girlfriend and I fly from Melbourne to Montreal and back twice a year, currently with Qantas. We would like to be able to upgrade from economy to premium economy or ideally business class, and 300k points is not enough to do this.

So I’m wondering if I can find an uncapped business credit card that does not have international transaction fees (on the AMEX). What would you suggest I look at?


You need a personal credit card.  No business card offers no fees for international transactions.