Is there a way to get the additional point offer that my wife received on her Amex Explorer card on my card as well?

Hey crew,

Wife and I both have Amex explorer cards, I spend around 10k per month she spends probably 1k per month and we both pay in full.

Today she received an email offer from Amex (see below), and yes it is a genuine email.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to trigger this offer? As I would love to take advantage of this as well.


Credit card companies often have targetted promotions with the primary goal being to introduce you to new benefits and or spend more on the card. As you mentioned, you already spend a sizeable 10k on your card so there isn’t as much incentive for them to give you a top up promotion. Your wife however has only spent 1k on the card so AMEX is likely to provide some more incentive for her to spend more.


Why don’t you just funnel your 10k per month spend through your wife’s card? Perhaps even swap cards with her during the promotion period?