Is there a way to earn points via the lottery purchases?

Can anyone tell me if I can earn points by buying lottery tickets such as powerball, Oz lotto ect.
Would this fall into the category of gambling? If so what card allows you to earn points on this type of spend? Was looking at the Qantas America Express it seems to be the most relaxed as to what you can earn points from, or have I read the TC wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

As there is a lack of response, I will provide my 2c worth. As far as I know, when funding/depositing into betting websites, it is considered as cash advance, which not only earn no points but attracts a fee.

I haven’t dug deep into this topic before but personally I don’t know how to earn points this way.

Hi mate, thanks for the response. I probably wasn’t really clear with my post, my fault.
Wasn’t really thinking about a betting site where you deposited money then bet. I was more thinking about walking into a news agency and purchasing a lotto ticket. You see I run a lotto syndicate and I have a $$$ amount I spend each week and was wondering if I could convert that dollar spend into points. I just signed up for a ultimate American Express so I’ll see how it goes and if anyone was interested I’ll post my findings.

Cheers again.

Hi themyth

If you purchase the lottery tickets in BP fuel stations where they sell the lotto (not all BPs sell lotto), you can earn the points on the purchase.


I have always assumed that newsagency purchases earn points in full. I could be wrong.

Just find a news agent that accepts Amex. Try it out with a purchase or smaller amount. See whether it earns points.

Hey ck,
I thought that might be the case. Was sure if a particular card was needed and or which one gave you the best return.

In general, AmEx Platinum Edge earns 3 AmEx Ascent points per dollar for fuel station purchases.

I think you will find that you can’t purchase a lottery using a credit card as I believe that it is illegal - thus the vendor can’t accept it. This is to address/prevent problem gambling. People can’t gamble with credit (ie money they don’t already have at that moment in time).

I’m pretty sure I’ve bought a lottery ticket from a newsagent in the past with a credit card.

Ok an update on the issue of weather I can claim my lotto purchase on my credit card and earn points. And the answer is NO if it’s a Amex card. Which is what I signed up for as it was offering 100k points. My local BP service station won’t except Amex. So I’ll have to see if I can purchase from a news agency, stay tuned.

Yep going to source that avenue out this week as the BP SERVICE station outlet doesn’t except Amex