Is there a minimum number of initial flights required when starting a Qantas RTW itinerary?

We have enough Qantas points to use RTW fares from Brisbane to Europe Business return in Aug 2019.

If we wanted to book the outgoing fares as soon as they are released is there a minimum number of flights we have to book using the multicity tool to constitute a RTW 280,000 fare when we add our return fares on the the same booking via the Qantas phone booking system. Ie I assume you can’t book a one way, must use multicity, but how many flights do we need to start with?

I understand that this will cost as an additional 5000 points per person as any additional flights will be a change to the itinerary and we are happy to cop that costs if it means we can lock in our outgoing fares as they are released.

Many thanks

Hi McDubsons,

I don’t believe you need to have a minimum number of flight. You just keep adding on flights on the multi-city tool and the point costs caps off at 140k, 280k, 420k QF pts, as long as you remain within the rules. Common errors are picking Emirates flights.

Do remember adding on flights or changing flights at a later stage involves change fee in the form of QF points.

Have a read of the popular Point Hacks article if you haven’t already.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

Hi McDubsons, you can book each leg as a one way flight and sometimes save on cheaper fuel tax too depending on the carrier you choose and the departing country. I've done this for flights in November using only my QFF points from Cairns to HK to UK to USA and then back to Cairns all as one ways. As no fuel tax applies in HK I managed to save over $120 for the next leg to London than if I had booked both legs from Australia. However fees and charges are charged in the currency of the departing city so some conversion is required to work out the AUD equivalent. Example, one way from HK to London F&C's were charged in HKD, then one way from London to Vegas F&C's were charged in GBP and so on. Also, be aware that some carriers charge more for fuel tax than others. BA will be more expensive in their fees F&C's than say Cathay Pacific for the same flight.  Hope this helps.