Is there a good and cheap credit card that comes with free travel insurance for 12 months?

I am looking at credit cards with travel insurance of 12 months that I can use for a RTW trip that will last close to 11 months.
So far I found the Bankwest World which has an annual fee of $270/year and the Commonweath Diamond Awards ($349/year).
Would anyone know about other credit card with 12 months travel insurance ?

Take a look at the Westpac altitude platinum, no annual fee on the first year unless you want to transfer to qantas points which is only 50$ and from what I can see it has the travel insurance you require as long as you spend a minimum of $500 on it for you trip prior to travel.

Thanks but that’s similar to the credit card I currently have (Westpac Altitude Black) and it just covers for 6 months as most of the premium CC. So far the 2 cards stated above are the 2 only ones I found for 12 months.