Is there a best value credit card rewarding government spend?

I am a heavy user of my Coles Mastercard and also have a Virgin Visa, both of which are now managed by Citibank. A while ago they stopped offering points on all government purchases, which make up a substantial amount of what I spend eg. rates, utilities, car rego, tax. Can anyone recommend a card that rewards for spending on these kinds of items? Thks

Hi @travellingsuse

Great question!

I have a twofold strategy when it comes to government spending.

First, if the government agency accepts PayPal (my local council does), pay via PayPal using your points-earning credit card. When I use PayPal and my AmEx card, AmEx usually treats it as non-government spending and gives me the full contingent of points.

Second, for government spending where PayPal us not accepted, I use my wife’s ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa. ANZ rewards is one of the few points programmes out there which gives full points for government spending. I cancelled my own Travel Adventures Visa a while ago (in order to “churn and burn” more cards) but we’ve kept my wife’s card, with the minimum credit limit, largely so we can get points for government spending. It’s also a great card to keep for the long term because its annual fee is more than offset by the annual free return flight that comes with it.

Hope this helps!