Is the Virgin Money card suitable for churning?

Hi all

I recently got my Amex Explorer and am now looking for a Visa / MC to supplement for occasions when Amex isn’t accepted

I am interested in the Virgin Money high flyer visa which offers 90000 bonus points over 3 months. I was wondering what was stopping someone from cycling through multiple visa cards a year , after getting the bonus points after 3 months, cancelling and then reapplying? Has anyone tried this?


I churn and burn two or three times a year. Last financial year, I got about 200K QFF. Coupled with other points, my wife and I are flying Business Class Sydney-Taipei and on to Japan on Qantas points. On the way back we use Virgin points with Singapore also on Business Class. I still have points left for few domestic flights, either in Business or Economy. Before this, I went to HK and VN with Qantas also in Business. In another words, I burn these points in Business if possible, and have done a number of trips around Asia in Business. A bit difficult going to Europe with rewards points though.

So go ahead and play the airline games, just be sensible and discipline with your strategy.

Thanks for the insights @z28!

I’m new to this so was was wondering how you go through multiple cards a year? I assume they are Visa / MC cards because I understand you can’t reapply for new Amex cards unless you wait for 18 months after cancelling?

Are you basically earning the bonus points on each card, cancelling, and then paying the annual fee for a new card - multiple times a year? So this means you pay are paying ~2 or 3 x ~$300 per card annual fee as you cycle through new cards?

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There is no free point (lunch) so once you accept that you can start playing the game. Sometimes, CC company provides no fee first year (I got one with WestPac Black bundle late last year), some offered reduced first year fee (St George’s Signature), Amex normally compensates with travel credit same as annual fee … I value points at 1c/point so 100K points are $1000 in my book and I work from there.

You need to define your objectives, don’t just get points because you can. I know people collect points and not using them (my mother-in-law). I fly often, both for leisure and family obligations, for works as well but that is just a bonus.

I collect Qantas points (Amex and other churned cards) because they are quite easy to get. I collect Virgin points (Coles cc) as they gave me Gold status just to win my custom. I start to collect KrisFlyer points (St George) because Singapore airlines suit my oversea holiday better. I should concentrate on one program but sometimes it is quite hard. Everyone is different so you should work on your ultimate aim and situation.


Thanks very much @z28. Really appreciate your inputs

Hi @doublea,

As Virgin Money uses Citibank as a credit provider/manager, there used to be a thing where you need to wait 5-9 months between Citi related applications. They used to flat out reject you even if you apply different Citi managed products within that time period.

Not so sure whether it is still valid. I only held the Virgin Money card and no other Citi product at the same time so I don’t have personal experience, just read about this.

I hope that isn’t the case, as I will be signing up to a Citi Qantas and currently have a Citi Virgin (which I will close).

I just signed up for a citi Qantas card and have a virgin money card I’m about to cancel. Got the credit enquiry phone call Friday night and now just waiting on outcome. Hopefully will be approved!

Generally you have to wait 12 months after you cancel a card with one provider before you can apply and get the bonus again. I take Qantas and virgin money to be different “providers” but they just use the same admin company (citi). Plenty of banks out there so it’s not too hard to wait 12 months before reapplying each bank. The trick is to keep track of everything, although it’s no problem to call a bank and ask them exactly when you cancelled an old card.