Is the transfer bonus from Amex points to Hilton Honor points the same for everyone?

I want to transfer AmEx points. I received an invitation for 25% bonus to Velocity via email and I can see it on the transfer page. I can also see a bonus icon on transfer to Hilton but no details. Google search showed 40% bonus but this detail is not showing when I login for transfer. Does it mean 40% bonus for Hilton will not apply to my transfer?
I want to transfer to the program with a higher bonus :wink:


If you don’t mind me saying, unless you have a specific Hilton redemption in mind which you know is really good value, I don’t think your strategy of transferring “to the program with a higher bonus” is a good one. Here’s why:

If you read the Point Hacks article below, it values Velocity points at 1.8c per point, and Hilton Honors points at 0.5c per point. I don’t always agree with Point Hacks’ valuations, but in these cases I think the valuations are about right. You can read the article for the reasoning behind those valuations.

So let’s do some sums. Say you have 2000 AmEx Membership Rewards points and you transfer them to Velocity. With the 25% bonus you’re ending up with 1250 Velocity points, valued at $22.50 at 1.8c/point.

Say you transfer your MR points to Hilton with the 40% bonus. You’ll end up with 1400 points, or $7.00 worth of points at 0.5c/point.

Almost certainly, Velocity is by far the better deal even if you take into account the higher 40% transfer bonus. To put it another way, 4500 Hilton points have about the same value as 1250 Velocity points.

If you know you’ll use your MR points for a Velocity transfer, now is a good time to do so. Otherwise, my advice is to keep your MR points for the time being.


Thank you! Totally forgot that points have different value in each program. I was only looking at conversion ratio and bonus. This is a very valid point and timely reminder.

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