Is the Paypal rewards credit card worth applying for?

Hi, Anyone has any idea of this new paypal rewards card? its backed by Citibank and offering some bonus points and 1:1 reward pts per dollar spent uncapped. Would be good if we can get a review or some experiences. it also awards 0% BT for 20months.

Keen to hear thoughts.


It’s a pretty risk free card if you have a good credit score because it has no annual fee. However, there just aren’t a lot of details out there at the moment especially as to the 1 point per dollar earn rate. I’m unsure how much 1 point is worth or what could be redeemed with it. There’s no harm in holding this hard but personally I wouldn’t bet on it being too lucrative. I would probably stick with my current go to which is a HSBC debit with 2% cash back.