Is the current ANZ Rewards to Velocity points transfer bonus a good time to transfer points?


New to the site and new to trying to get the most of out gaining and using points so will welcome any thoughts.
I have an ANZ travel rewards card and velocity points program. ANZ card has around 42,000 points and Velocity around 48,000 points. There is the offer at the moment available to transfer the ANZ to velocity for extra bonus points and I was wondering if this is worth it.
We travel to the UK from Australia every year for around 3 months, due to family and business needs and will often use different airlines depending on where we are holidaying on the way to the UK, so not really loyal to an airline program. Any thoughts on the offer would be most appreciated.

Hi sharyn,

I believe the nett bonus this time is a 30% bonus. This is a pretty decent and standard offering. In May 2018, I believe it has been a 50% transfer bonus. However, there is no saying it will be back any time soon.

So, you will have to decide yourself. If you need to use the points shortly, transfer the points in Nov 2018. Bit similar to hedging on AUD/USD. No one knows for sure.

30% is a standard offering that comes around quarterlyish i believe.

50% have come around May 2018 and May 2017. So unless you’re in a hurry, i’d wait till May in hopes it comes again.

Thank you very much for your answers they were both very helpful