Is the current Amex Platinum Sign-up Bonus a good deal? Or should I wait?

Hi all,

Longtime lurker, first time poster - I’m looking at the Amex Platinum Charge card. While it’s sign-up bonus is nice currently (80k), it looks like I missed a 100k sign up bonus points a little while back. Does anyone know how frequently the Amex sign-up bonus change? or have a recent history on the sign up bonus offers for this card? I’m currently weighing up whether to sign-up now or wait a few months to see if the 100k comes back.



Hi AH,

I do not know the historical bonus points offer but it may be worth while waiting if you do not yet need it for the benefits and bonus points. Maybe someone else could answer this question.

One other way for you to earn extra 10k points is to use a referral link to apply. I believe PH no longer supports members posting their referral link here. Please bear in mine the referee also gets 20k points for every successful member referred.

Happy to provide you with my referral link if you wish through a private email. If you wish to apply without referral, please apply via a Point Hack link for not extra costs.


Thanks for the reply W-hiew, I did see the referral points bump on other community sites. I called Amex and their helpdesk call centre was thoroughly unhelpful in this regard, very scripted responses.

The standard offer for the Platinum Charge is 80k points. The 100k points offer was a fairly long-running offer, but still a bit of a one-off. I can’t say if it will return or not, there is always a chance though.