Is the Citibank Velocity points signup bonus worthwhile?

Hi all,

I’ve been a Qantas FF Hacker for a while now but I’m now starting my Velocity FF journey and I saw this offer from Citibank (below) and I want to see what peoples experience has been with Citibank and if it’s worth going for this card for the 100k Velocity Points?

Cheers Legends!

Hi jjrattle,

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I notice in the T&C there appears to be no exclusion period at all for people who’ve held any sort of Citibank Card.
I just closed a Qantas Premier Platinum Card (which is backed by Citibank) on 22/2/21. I think I’ll go for this one too.
I haven’t had any bad experience with Citibank. My experience has been with 3 previous Qantas Premier Platinum Cards and a Citi Signature Qantas Card.
100,000 Velocity Points for $99, with a “standard” minimum spend of $3000 and $6,000 minimum credit limit, sounds to me like a great offer!
I’d be interested too whatever anyone else can add and if I’m right about there being nothing to stop previous Citibank card holders applying?

I confirmed with Citibank it is open to all customers, regardless of recently holding a Citibank issued card.
Thanks jjrattle for a good find!

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Thank you! This is a bargain. I will apply soon.

Just received this card. Application process was very simple. Thanks again jjrattle.