Is the Amex referral program still available?

Does anybody know if the Amex referral program is still running? I’m aware that there are rules on posting links here, which I’m not asking anybody to do. I’m just looking to see if the program itself is still current.

Most definitely.\r\n\r\nTried putting the link to the generate a referral link but was too messy.\r\n\r\nHave a read of the Point Hacks guide to Amex referrals.

Thanks mate. Assume the bonuses are still being given to existing cardholders who sign up for a card at the link?

If someone can confirm that and wants to find a way, respecting the rules of the forum, to get me a referral link for the new Explorer card, I’d be appreciative.

Yes, depending on individual cards and sign up conditions, both referrer and referree gets bonus points if referral is successful.

At the moment, Explorer card cannot be used to generate referral link. Hopefully, this is made available shortly.

Does anybody know if the Explorer has been added to the referral program yet?