Is the 40,000 Velocity points offer for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card still available?

Hi guys,

Wondering if you can assist- your website indicates 40K velocity points on offer for Travel Adventures card, but on the ANZ website, and upon calling the sales team, they mention of no such offer.
Is the 40K a pointhacks exclusive offer?

Hoping you can assist please!

Pretty sure this is a Pointhacks (plus maybe other blogs?) exclusive offer, so you need to sign up by clicking on the exact link they provide in order to qualify.

Most ANZ people won’t know about it, but their tracking will make sure you’ll get credited the 40k points once you spend $500. From memory, ANZ sends you a link via email to enter in your Velocity membership details, and after 2-3 months the points will appear in your account.

Yes, the 40,000 Velocity point offer for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card is still ongoing.
Please see our guide for details: