Is Qantas RTW change fees charged per person?

Hi all,

Qantas all centre wait time are very high tonight so picking your brains instead.

We have managed to lock in outbound business class flights to Europe and will add internals and returns onto the same booking once they are released to take advantage of the 280,000 point cap RTW. We are familiar with the rules and check them often to make sure we don’t make a boo boo and screw up the cap.

I understand that to make a change to the booking via qantas call centre it will costs 5000 points pp.

Can anyone please clarify if this is per flight pp or just per phone call per person.

Ie, if we call and add return flights, one internal flight and get lucky on same phone call with a more preferable outbound flight will all of the changes/additions in this one phone call only costs 5000 per person or 5000 per person per flight?

Many thanks.


5000 points per person per change.

Thanks Warren.

For others wondering qantas did confirm today that one can make as many changes and add additional flights to the one booking and pay 5000 points per phone call, not 5000 per change.