Is purchasing giftcards a qualifying spend for minimum spend for new credit cards?

Hi Guys

I’m all new to this and I was going to apply for a credit card linked to qantas. I need to spend $4000 in the first two months to receive the bonus 40,000 points. I’m not sure i can spend that much so i wanted to know if I buy wollies or coles gift cards or fuel cards, would they count as eligible purchases?

Hi Mike74r,

I’m almost certain that your gift card purchases will count towards your bonus point spend … but the only way to be totally certain is to read through the Terms & Conditions (the fine print) for your particular credit card offer. Each card issuer will have its own T&Cs, and they do differ. So no-one can say for certain whether your spend will count: you need to spend the time ploughing through the T&Cs yourself, for your particular offer.

If your card’s T&Cs say something like “eligible purchases do not include gift cards” then you’re out of luck. But if they don’t mention gift card purchases, then you should be OK.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never come across a bonus point offer that excludes gift cards – but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There’s no alternative: you’ve got to do the homework yourself.

Hi Mike74r,

I’ve never had any issues purchasing gift cards in order to meet the credit card required spend  (I’ve done a few last minute purchase of gift cards just before the end of the minimum spend period in order to qualify for the bonus points)

Over the years I’ve purchased Qantas gift cards as well as Coles gift cards to meet the spend requirements for Bank of Melbourne, NAB, ANZ and AMEX.

As the terms and conditions are difficult to get your head around, I would highly recommend calling the bank and confirming if purchasing gift cards will be OK in order to meet the requirements. Get the person’s name that you spoke to as well as the time and day incase you have any issues getting the bonus points going forward.