Is paying for shire rates a form of eligible spend for HSBC credit card?

“Eligible purchases exclude interest free and other promotions, balance transfers, cash transfer, business expenses, cash advances, fees and charges, disputed transactions, BPAY® and any government fee or charge”

After reading the Terms and conditions, above, on the HSBC Visa Credit Card. I’m not sure if paying your Shire Rates is counted or does that come under Government fee or charge.
Can someone clarify that for me.

You will get no points for m/v registrations, shire rates, drivers licence, dog licences or anything associated with local govt (shire), state or federal government. I learnt the hard way, paid 3 x regos, 1 x d/l and shire rates in one month…NO POINTS! That plus the crappy 2500 monthly cap is why I’m closing that card this week.

Thanks for that Bofman. I’m not worried about the 2500 monthly cap at this point but didn’t want to get caught with my $3000 in 3 months if I was relying on my Shire Rates to cover it.