Is paying $1000 for 25000 Krisflyer miles worth it?

I need to make a big chunk of payment, and i am wondering whether or not it’s worth to use my Altitude Black card for it. The thing is there’s 1.86% surcharge using Master, so for every 50k, i will be getting 62.5k altitude points, then if i were to convert it to Kris, it would be 25k miles. 1.86% of $50k is close to $1k. Is it worth to do it? If the miles are to be used for economy then it’s no much value, but if for business, may be still okay?

It’s a personal decision. How long is a piece of string?

Personally, I would not pay 4cents per point. You might not even get 4cpp value on some business class redemptions.

You can generally buy Amex points for 2.5cpp which converts 1:1 to Krisflyer miles.

If you have an Amex card, it is usually a better point earner. If Amex is not a payment option, might be worthwhile checking out Rewardpay. There should be a PH article on this.


Imo that’s poor value.

As suggested use an amex card or even look at b2bpay where you can use your master with a lower surcharge more than likely