Is it worthwhile to pay 1.75% surcharge on purchases/childcare for points?

I have a Citibank Platinum Rewards credit card, I am wanting to know if it is worth paying for my children childcare with an extra 1.75% charge to earn rewards points. It will be approx $22K a year, therefore approx $390 in extra charges.

So the points you earn will cost you $390. The big question is, how many points will that $390 earn?

Speaking personally, I would jump at the chance to earn points if each point cost 1 cent or less, and I may possibly take the points if each point cost between 1c and 2c. Anything over 2c I wouldn’t pay for unless I were desperate for quick points.

But your price may be different – that’s something only you can work out.

I don’t have a Citibank platinum card but I believe you earn 1 Citibank Rewards point per $, and that 2.5 Citibank points equals 1 FF point? If that’s correct (and I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong), your $22390 will earn you 8956 FF points, at an effective cost of 4.35 cents per point. Maybe my calculations are wrong and maybe I’m missing something but there’s no way I’d pay over 4 cents per point.

I would pay 1.75% fee if I was earning 1.75 FF points per dollar.