Is it worthwhile for me to get a point earning credit card?

I finally ditched my David Jones Amex, after the changes in the points.
All I have now is the fee free Bankwest Zero Platinum
I’ve also decided to try saving more this year and staying on just one credit card. Possibility of looking into applying for mortgage to buy a house.
If my monthly spending is kept between $1500 to $2500 a month, is it even worth paying the fee for a credit card with points or should I just remain on the fee free card?
I had a look at the Bankwest more card (as it would be a simple switch rather than applying for a new card) but to get any bonus points you have to spend $48000 over 12 months which I will not do.
As I do buy online a bit, the only other card I have considered is the ANZ Rewards Travel card However I just missed the 80000 bonus points rewards, so that’s given me a bit more time to think about switching.
Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

My 2c on this is. I am usually in it for the signup bonus. The points earned from every day earn is just the icing on the cake.

However, if you have a high monthly spend, the earn rate will then start to matter more.

Some cards have free or reduced first year annual fee so that works well with the strategy of just focussing on sign up bonuses.


Yeah agreed. For that low monthly spend churn and burn.

Otherwise forget the points and stick to an annual fee free card or something that can be negated like the ANZ with its free domestic flight

If I wasn’t going to apply for a home load this year, I would churn and burn. But that wouldn’t be ideal. So it looks like Im best off just sticking with the Bank West Zero. Maybe consider the ANZ travel if they do the 80k points again. the annual fee is just like paying for a local flight anyway I guess.