Is it worth paying for items using Prepaid Visa cards to earn points where I wouldn't be able to use my AMEX cards?

So, I am fairly new to this points thing.

Trying to understand if it makes sense paying for an item e.g. a Bill of $1000 using Prepaid Visa card which I have purchased using my AMEX card (I will incur an additional cost of $35 on top - surcharge [2.9%] and processing payment [5.95]) and will earn 2 points for every dollar.

So cost of card is: $1005.95
Surcharge: 2.9%
Surcharge Amount: $29.17
Total: $1035.12

Effectively I have paid $35.12 extra for a $1000 card and have earned 2070 points.
Is that worth it?

How do you calculate and workout the Maths?

Hi kavi80,

2070 Amex Gateway points transfers to 1552.5 FF points.

You paid 3512 cents for 1552.5 FF pts, yielding 2.26cents per point.

This is too high in my opinion. However, everyone values points differently. If you can extract more than 2.3cpp value out of you points, go nuts.

If the surcharge was 2% I’d be all over it. Anything over and nah imo