Is it possible to use the $450 AMEX Qantas travel credit to get the ANZ Qantas Black 75 Qantas status credit?


I have an unused $450 AMEX travel credit with QANTAS due to having an AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card.

I’m just wondering if I book return QANTAS flights via the AMEX travel portal using this $450 credit and the remainder of the fare on my ANZ Black Card will I still be eligible to receive the 75 bonus status credits.

All that ANZ’s terms and conditions state is that your QANTAS FF no. must be recorded at time of purchase, it doesn’t say that they have to be booked through QANTAS’ website directly.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes you will be eligible for the status credit. There is no stipulation on how the return flight is paid for only that it ‘excludes Classic Flight Rewards, partner or codeshare flights’.

Thank you

I’ve just tried to complete this booking however the AMEX Travel Portal does not accept credit cards other then AMEX cards.

The ANZ T&C’s don’t state that I have to use the Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card during the booking but I’m not sure if they will still give me the status credits.

Any ideas?