Is it possible to transfer WBC Altitude Rewards points to Qantas points?

Hi. We are heading to Beijing in March next year. Qantas has some good prices (economy and business). We have about 180k altitude point and interested in using them to upgrade to business class. Is this an option and what is the best way?


Your 1st problem is: Westpac Altitude program does not have Qantas as a transfer partner. Nearly all credit card reward programs in Australia either earn Qantas pts exclusively or transferrable to other FF programs.


Also even if you could transfer , upgrades with points are never guaranteed and you are only told 24 hours before departure.

Also economy sale fares are not eligible for upgrade.  You have to buy the more expensive flexible economy fare.

Many thanks.  Seems the more I look the more confused I get!

Yeah have about 300k stuck in Altitude points I can’t figure out how to spend as well.