Is it possible to retrospectively claim Lufthansa codeshare flight operated by Cathay Pacific to United MileagePlus?

Hi all, I asked this question when I had my ticket bought

I flew on Cathay operated flight (CX135) but ticketed by Lufthansa as LH 7011. So Lufthansa should honour the points. But I need them in my United Mileage Plus and of course nothing was credited. I tried claiming via Mileage Plus “claim missing points” page but the system would not accept 7011 as a flight number, marks it as invalid. So I can’t submit the claim.

Who do I need to contact Lufthansa or United? Any suggestions how to go about this claim? Any suggestions on getting a successful outcome? I can predict that United will state that it’s a codeshare flight number and operating airline is not in Star Alliance and not a partner.

I flew business class so at least standard point would be nice.


Let me start by saying that I may be incorrect. If someone have a better understanding, I am happy to be corrected.

I think this may be a case of a common misconception.

Lufthansa may have a codeshare relationship with Cathay Pacific and partners with United Airlines as members of Star Alliance. But as the flying metal (aircraft) is Cathay Pacific and if this particular route is not a United codeshare and Cathay Pacific is not a partner of United Airlines, you would not be able to credit the flight to UA.

Best to credit the flight to Cathay partners that are most useful to you.

Hi Warren,

just to share: I already tried crediting to Qantas and their customer service explained that since the fare was booked as Lufthansa flight (regardless who operated it) and Qantas is not partners with Lufthansa, I am not entitled to get points.

So it’s like catch 22, no airline will give me points because of the codeshare being from a different alliance.

I am just hoping maybe some travellers have solution to this issue.
Thank you

Your lufthansa codeshare should be eligible for retroactive credit in their own Miles and More program. Whilst its not particularly useful, it is still something if you were to try and get something.