Is it possible to include a flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town as a part of a RTW flight using Qantas points?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to book a flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town as a part of a Multi-City booking through Qantas’ site?

I’m looking to book a Oneworld network RTW trip in business using QFF points, however when I include JNB-CPT in my Multi-City search I am met with the below error: flight search error:
We are unable to find the requested outbound on any departing flights of the airlines that we search. (# 9200)

I know that BA does flights between JNB and CPT (Comair), so I am wondering if there is a way to book these as a part of Oneworld RTW fare.


I would venture to guess that it’s because it’s with Comair, as oneworld codes appearing on non-oneworld carriers generally are ineligible for RTW fare construction. I have seen this loads of times when constructing RTW’s, where in certain markets Malaysians code appears on an SQ aircraft who aren’t oneworld, and it will then fail to price. Also seen the same with FJ who aren’t a oneworld member airline where the QF or AA code appears on it, and Westjet where the QF code appears as well on certain routes.

If you want absolute clarification you would need to call Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre, but I’d bet my left nut on that being the reason. As it’s a reasonably short flight and one-way fares origination in Africa tend to be quite reasonably priced, I would consider leaving this off your itinerary and purchasing it as a stand-alone.

Comair BA flights can be included in Oneworld RTW fares. You will have to ring Qantas to do it. I did …LHR-JNB-WDH-JNB-SYD… two years ago.

Thanks Jimmy Mcpoints and jxv200. Much appreciated!