Is it possible to earn points on multiple frequent flyer programs through multiple online stores from a single purchase?

Hi all,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to earn points from the Qantas Online Mall, Qantas My Card Offers, Virgin Velocity Estore, Raiz Rewards etc all at the same time when buying from an online store such as David Jones, Bonds, Booktopia, Appliances Online etc…??
Most of those online stores open a separate web browser window to track the cookies… Is there any way to just use one window and have them all track the purchases?
Or am I just being greedy?! :wink:

Short answer: No.

You can, of course, “double dip” by buying via an airline’s online shopping portal using a points-earning credit card. And conceivably you could “triple dip” if the retailer also has its own in-house points-earning loyalty programme.

Agreed - in relation to cashback sites specifically - in the last 50 cashback clicks I have done and attempted a double dip one of the 2 transactions was “denied”. Every once in a while you will get lucky but I have come to realise it is. It the worth the effort and can often confuse you while booking. I think they call this last click attribution where the last site activated before purchase is the one that gets credited. Remember if you are getting paid then then the cashback sites are also getting comped and the retailer does not want tonpay twice.

Qantas MyCard offers should stack with one of the other offers, as it is a separate offer where MasterCard monitor your MasterCard transactions.

The others based on tracking cookies, probably not - you’d only get one of them, and likely the last one you clicked through