Is it possible to combine Membership Rewards Ascent Premium and Membership Rewards Ascent balances?

Hey guys

I currently have an AMEX Platinum Edge with 150k MR points in the Ascent program and am thinking of applying for the Platinum Charge using a referral link to get the 120k points.  My question is - assuming I get approved, and AMEX are kind enough to award me with the 120k points, would I be able to transfer both lots of points (150k points currently in my Ascent account and the 120k signup bonus) over to Qantas FF, which is only available in the Ascent Premium program? Thanks in advance.

Hi dark field. Technically you arent meant to receive the 120k bonus but there are cases of amex awarding it. And i speak from experience.

Unfortunately you won’t eligible for the 100k or 120k points bonus as it only applies to new Amex customers, defined as those who have not held an Amex card in last 12 months

Yup I know that but might just take a shot since there’s anecdotal evidence that the referral link may get you the 120k points. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if the points currently in my Ascent account can be transferred over to Qantas when I eventually move over to Ascent Premium though? :slight_smile: