Is it possible for Australian's to apply for US credit cards to pick up points?

Hi All,

Is there a way to apply/get credit cards from America if you live in Australia?

There are so many good offers out there compared to OZ cc’s.

Not possible at all unless you have a US address and earn income in the USA. Much like we can’t apply for a credit card in Singapore or Hong kong

There are a few normal requirements to be able to apply for a US card.

  • US Social Security number
  • USD income
  • Credit record
  • US mailing address

There are probably others too.

In short, it’s hard, but not impossible - however you do essentially need to be living and working over there.

One related option is an Amex international account transfer. This allows you to transfer your whole Amex account to another country. You won’t pick up bonus points and you need to prove you have a US bank account and mailing address etc to pay the card, but it removes some of the need for a credit record so is good for expats moving over to the US.