Is it mandatory to use Qantas on return flight to Australia when using Qantas Frequent Flyer to redeem OneWorld RTW?

I am very new to the forum, and need advice on RTW oneworld using QFF points.

If booking sectors using Cathay and BA from Australia to UK and then US. Is it mandatory to use Qantas as a carrier to return to Australia, or can use another carrier for the International leg, the Qantas for the domestic.

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I just couldn’t find it.

You don’t need to fly back to Australia on Qantas. On redemptions you have the option to fly on partners or Qantas


The rules are that you must fly on two different OneWorld carriers, three if you also intend to fly Qantas - other than that you can pick and choose whatever airline you want for whatever leg you want (if you can find an award seat of course). Point Hacks has a previously published a decent article on QFF award RTWs, so I recommend looking it up (I know I did when I booked mine recently).

For example, I fly out on Qantas to Hong Kong, but then take Cathay Pacific to Canada and the US, before taking BA to Europe then Qatar all the way home.