Is balance transfer to Amex considered as part of Amex card minimum spend criteria?

Hey there,

I signed up for the Qantas American Express Premium Card and I’ve had it for about a month now but recently I’ve been having a bit of difficulty trying to meet the minimum ($3k in 3 months) spend criteria to get the sign up bonus points (only reason for getting the card). The issue is not so much that I’m not spending money, it’s more that AMEX is not widely accepted at the places I spend money at.

That being said I have two questions,

  1. Is it possible for me to use my non-qantas Credit Card with Commbank to make purchases then transfer the balance to my AMEX then pay it off through AMEX to get points and meet the spending criteria for the bonus points?

  2. If this is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could meet the spending criteria another way? (I am mainly just buying groceries and paying bills)

Cheers Legends!

Hi jjrattle,

Unfortunately, I’m pretty certain balance transfers do not count as qualifying spend.

Have you read this article?

Otherwise, you could buy gift cards at supermarkets which usually accepts Amex.

I transfer into share brokerage accounts. Or you could utilise invoice payment intermediaries if you run a business.