Is anyone happy to have a chat about holidays they've saved up for using churn and burn method?


I hope it is ok to post here, but I’m looking for some case studies of people that have had success with the churn and burn method? I’m writing an article, can message you more info.



Hi Mel,

For my own understanding and benefit of others, do you mean example of holiday (flights and/or hotels) redemptions funded by points/miles earned from applying->qualifying minimum spend/requirements->cancelling credit cards?

Hi Mel, happy to chat to you about this. Thank you.

Yes to all of the above! I’m entirely new to the concept, so I am writing about how people have done it - how they got started, any lessons they’ve learned, examples of holidays they’ve taken on said miles earned, how long it may have taken them, any hiccups etc - essentially how you’d describe it to a friend that wanted to know what the “churn and burn” expression means and how it’s done.

Thanks for the response. Happy to assist if my experience are of any benefit.

Some previous PH articles I have done.

A mix of purchased points during sale and earned points (predominantly from 250-350k Velocity pts from home loan refinancing and credit card signup bonus). So maybe not so much churn&burn. But I have sinced refinanced again twice.

We also did a larger trip Dec 2018.

BNE-HKG (QF Business) Qantas pts
Hotel paid with Marriott Hotel Certificate and Marriott pts (from Marriott Travel Cert).
HKG-DXB (EK First) Qantas pts
AUH-MLE (EY First) American Advantage miles (remaining from Marriott Travel Packages - no longer a great deal to transfer from Amex pts)
Hotel paid using Hilton pts (bought during sale)
MLE-HKG-NRT (CX Business) Asia Miles
Hotels paid with $ (Tokyo), Marriott pts (Kyoto), IHG pts (Osaka).
NRT-BNE (QF Business) Qantas

My Qantas pts were predominantly earned from QF credit card sign up bonus.

Asia Miles were transferred from Amex Reward pts earned from Amex sign up bonus, normal spend, referral bonus, etc.

My Qantas/Velocity points are predominantly earned from signup bonus.

General strategy for me is cycling between cards with decent signup bonus, meeting minimum spent on one card at a time, cancelling once pts land, waiting for 12-18 mth cooling period, checking credit score, partner holds all Amex cards for long term keeping whilst I churn-burn-wait, non-Amex cards usually aren’t a keeper (loyalty is dead) unless there is incentive (high pt earner) or annual fee is free/discounted, utilising both my partner and my credit file for credit applications, buying pts for hotel when they go on sale (no hotel affiliated cards left - used to hold a Macquarie Hilton card).

If you need more info, please private msg me. The post is long enough as it is :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thank you so much for this, very helpful - I will PM some extra details I’m after.

Hi, I’d love to get your example as well if that is ok? Just trying to work out how to PM - but essentially I am after the same kind of details I’ve been given below - and any lessons you’ve learned that could help others is a big part of it too - so ways you’ve figured out to maximise points using churn and burn, and mistakes you may have made/ cautions you have for newbies?

Hi Mel,

I recently went on a European trip using Qantas points. My flights were Melbourne-Adelaide-Doha-Amsterdam and returning Vienna-Doha-Melbourne. What I learnt was that you can look to depart your international trip from other cities (Adelaide in my case) in order to secure the flight. Also, combining/linking paid domestic ticket and international reward ticket is not possible after the transaction has been made. Therefore would recommend booking all legs using points or call the Qantas agent over the phone instead of doing paid ticket + raward redemption ticket online.

For PM, I think you click on the person’s name and there should be a messaging function/button.

Hello, I have discovered I can’t send PMs as a newbie - are you able to PM me so I can send yu the final story for you to approve the use of your info? Sorry it took so long, more urgent deadlines just kept hitting!

I will send a message. Thank you.