Is Amex flexible with their "New customers only" requirement?

Hey guys

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting AMEX to waive the “new customer only” requirement for accessing bonuses on its cards?

The current platinum charge card with 100,000 points looks amazing and would really help me out but I held a Platinum Edge CC less than 12 months ago.

Any advice would be great.


Hey Cerca - Amex stick to this term pretty consistently when applying online :frowning:

I just applied for another Amex Velocity platinum after cancelling my previous one. After receiving the card I called and check and was told clearly I would not get any bonus points because of the 12 month rule.  I immediately cancelled the card and despite not even activating it I was also told that my 12 months until I can get any future bonus points started again from today.

Fair enough and my fault for trying to rort the T&C’s


I had a very difference experience. Held Amex Platinum Edge for a year and applied for the Velocity Platinum when they have the 110,000 bonus points. The points posted a few days later.

Same goes for card referral - applicable to “New Customer Only” but have referred a friend who holds an AMEX card and yet receive the referral bonus.

There are a lot of posts regarding this in Australian Frequent Flyer and mostly confirmed that they do get the bonuses despite holding an existing card. The only exception if you reapply for the same card that was cancelled in the last 12 months.