Is American Express doing enough for Platinum Charge customers?

With an annual fee of $1450, where the benefits are strongly linked to travel, like extensive travel insurance, travel credit and status with hotel programs. Has American Express done enough to compensate for the lack of value for this hefty annual fee?

I live in Melbourne and from my perspective the answer to your question is no, AmEx is not currently doing enough.

I actually defended AmEx during the first lockdown. They offered a veritable feast of bonus point offers and extra credits, including a really generous $400 shopping credit.

But … those offers have dried up, and Victorians are still in lockdown. Since July, AmEx has been silent. That might be OK to people elsewhere in Australia where at least some travel is allowed. But it’s not good enough for AmEx customers who live in Victoria. Yes, we will be able to use our travel credits when we can travel again … but my annual fee is also paying for stuff like airport lounge access, hotel status etc which are currently useless.

My Platinum Charge annual fee is payable next month. Unless AmEx comes to the party, I’m seriously considering cancelling my card.

I am certainly considering cancelling too. 2021 will most likely be a year of very limited travel again. Better cancel now and sign up again in 18 months for potentially a new sign up bonus