Is 192,000 Qantas Points good value for return business class flights from Australia to South Africa?

Good evening all,

I need to fly to South Africa with my partner in February next year. I have found available business class seats through Qantas FF points. It is 192,000 points return per passenger + $750 in taxes. (What I noticed while searching, is that the Qantas flights to South Africa are about 15 hours in total, and if flying with emirates or Qatar this goes up to 22+ hours, which bumps the required points up another 60,000)

This seems quite reasonable to me, but just wanted some feedback from those more experience if this seems like a good value transaction.


Hi Skafhold,

Well done.

If you are asking about whether its is good value, I am assuming you are asking just from the basis of whether this is good value use of your QFF points.

It turns out Sydney to Johannesburg seems to have Business Sales tickets for a random date  (9 and 23 Feb) I searched on Qantas. These are for $4400 return per passenger.

To work out the value - $4400-$750= $3650

SYD-JNB return on business cost 168000 points.

$3650 x 100c/$  / 168000 = 2.17c per point.

This is not the best value for point use in my books (the higher the better). However, it depends on how much you value QFF points personally.

If your priority is not to use $ for the trip, definitely go for it. However, the sale price is rather attractive if you can find a time and place to better use your QFF points -> more expensive to pay in cash outright.

#I understand your 192k points probably stems from having to travel to Sydney on a domestic flight, i.e. you may not be based in Sydney like myself.

Hope that helps. Be prepared for hot summer weather in South Africa in Feb. I heard from work its not very fun working at that time of the year. However, being on a holiday may be quite different.

QFF point table seems to calculate required points for all flights in a trip; not distance from Origin to final Destination.

Unless you find reason to stopover in Middle East or enjoy long travel times (maybe you want to check out their excellent airports), direct is the way to go since it is cheaper in points too.

Hi Guys, Regarding the flights to JoBurg on Qantas. There are a few ways of doing it depending on how many points you have.
We did this trip 3 years ago all Business class from Melbourne. We were picked up in a limo each way. From memory we cashed in about the same number of points but can’t remember the fuel surcharge. One way to save points is go Syd -Jo Burg with Qantas then Jo Burg- Perth with SAA.
It’s a great flight going over as the route takes you south and on a given clear day you can see Antarctica.
Not sure where our reader who asked the original question comes from but I would be hunting down a deal right now.
We spent four weeks there so you will really great time. We have many happy stories from Africa and happy to share them if needed.
Cheers, Snapperone

no way Jose!!!   Are u a United milege plus member? Try like 130K  in First and maybe us$70   in taxes.

Hi all,

Yes I do have to fly from Melbourne.

I have basically nailed down some flights.

Mel - Syd, Syd - Joh, Joh - CPT

Joh - Dub, Dub - Mel

All business. 500k QFF points for two pople.

When I get to the end, i get slammed for another $2200 in taxes.

It just seems like a very hefty price/points to pay. I need some reasoning from members here who understand the use of QFF points.

On the one hand I feel inclined to use them, only because I have never found ‘good’ ways to use QFF points. I am now concentraing on my velocity and kris flyer points, so I want be getting more QFF points. After the 500k I have under 1k left.

Does anyone have suggestion on what is a better way to use these points for busienss/first class international flights rather then what is happening above?

I need to see if there is a reason for me to pay $7k in flights, rather then 500k in points + $2200.

I hope that all makes sense, and someone can offer some advice.

Thanks in advance!