If I search for award space on United Airlines' website, will redeeming through Krisflyer/Star Alliance cost the same amount of miles?


A couple of questions re Krisflyer/Star Alliance redemptions:

  1. If I search for reward space on United’s website, will redeeming through Krisflyer/Star Alliance be the same points cost?

i.e. if I see a flight for 50,000 United points, will that equal 50,000 Krisflyer points?

  1. Am I correct that the only way to book Star Alliance is to call the Krisflyer website?

  2. I’m considering booking flights on Singapore Airlines to Europe from Melbourne. Then use Star Alliance to book internal Europe flights. Could I do this as part of one booking? Or would they be separate itineraries? Anything to consider/remember?


No. Krisflyer has its own Mileage chart for Star Alliance redemption.

Hopefully, this is the current 1. https://www.singaporeair.com/pdf/ppsclub_krisflyer/charts/StarAlliance_RoundTrip_Aug15.pdf

I believe you have to call Krisflyer for Star Alliance redemptions.

There are some routing rules. As long as it is within the rules, you can potentially book it all as 1 award/redemption. Without knowing the flights and times you are after, we would not be able to advise.

Easiest way is to ring Krisflyer and ask directly.