If I have a Bank of Melbourne credit card, am I still eligible for St George, Bank of SA, BOQ etc bonuses?

I semi frequently churn my CCs.
Im currently not eligable for a new Amex, ANZ nor BoM card bonuses as i either still hold them or i have cancelled them under 12m ago.

Can i still get bonuses for St George, Bank of SA, Westpac etc? (i thought some of those were co-owned or something making eligibility for churn bonuses an issue)

Preferably want QFF, but can take Velocity if no other good options exist

Hi @grodgersoz

If you have a Bank of Melbourne card, or you’ve had one within the last 12 months, you can’t get bonus points on a St George Bank or Bank SA card.

Westpac and BOQ are different points-earning ecosystems, so there shouldn’t be any impediment to you receiving the bonus points if you apply, are approved, and meet the spending criteria.