If I currently hold the Citi Premier card, am I eligible for sign up bonuses for Citi Clear and Citi Prestige?

I currently have a Citi Premier Credit Card and got my $600 cash back but can I now get Clear credit card and its $400 cash back?

I assume I can as long its a get Citi’s different Credit Card products - eg I assume I could then get the Prestige card to get its points rewards.

Can you someone please confirm?

With pretty much any credit card, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and view the Terms and Conditions (or in the case of Citi, ‘Things you should know’) you’ll find out what makes you eligible for bonus points, credits etc.
For the Clear card, it doesn’t mention anything about previously holding a different card making you ineligible, so you should be fine. Often it will have a statement saying if you’ve held a specific card or qualified for bonus points in the previous 12 months then you’re not eligible.
But in this case it looks like there’s no such conditions.

Thanks Seandebooy, yes thought that would be case as I couldnt see any condition as you mentioned. I have both cards and have met conditions on both. I got the cash back on one and am now awaiting the cash back on the other. I will update this post either way, so others know.