I have a Corporate Amex through work - can I get bonus points on a personal Amex?

Hi all

I have a compulsory Corporate Green Amex through work but now am interested in picking up the Amex explorer for my personal use due to the various benefits it has over other credit card providers, and I now meet the income threshold. Am I eligible for the 100,000 points bonus despite having the corporate amex?


Hi Jason,

As far as I know, you do. A corporate card is not tied to your personal credit file, AFAIK.

To increase your chances, I would suggest using a referral link to apply. If you want to be certain, you could confirm with AmEx before applying.

Yes, you absolutely can do this - I have an Amex Corporate card and have had no trouble. In fact, Amex is pretty lax on enforcing the “new customer” rules for bonus points - look around on the internet and you’ll see plenty of stories.