I can get 15% bonus if I transfer my CBA Mastercard Diamond Points to Velocity, is it a good deal?

Hi - here’s the balance of my points:

Qantas - 278,016
Velocity - 198,110
CBA Mastercard Diamond - 73,354

I intend to use these points for travel.  However, I’m new to the CBA Mastercard Diamond set up, and I noticed there’s currently a deal if I transfer my points to Velocity I’ll get a 15% bonus.  What I’m trying to figure out though, is it more valuable to leave my points with CBA and use them from there, or is it more valuable being used from Velocity.

Is there a calculator/comparison site that allows me to work that out?


If you intend to redeem velocity then you should take advantage of this offer. Only you can work out what you intend to redeem. Otherwise CBA awards can only be redeemed for vouchers.  Qantas points you must opt in for auto monthly transfer. Not sure why you are listing your balances here

I don’t think you can get the 15% bonus.

I believe that CBA are not included in the bonus transfer deal that is currently running.