Huge Amex sign up bonus for new customers but nothing for loyal customers - Is there a way around this?

First let me say NO ONE does as good a job on reviewing and explaining FF /CC points schemes as Points Hack. Well done. Thanks.
Second I have had an Amex card all my adult life. A loyal customer and like most existing customers taken for granted.
I’m fed up seeing Amex offering new customers sign up bonuses that exclude me because I already have an Amex card. With all the new cards with different offers and reward structures I could do much better with a different Amex card, but I am SHUT OUT.
Is there a way around this?

I’m planning to cancel my Amex card, sit out the 18 mth wait and rejoin. I may get some other flexible card to replace it.

AMEX do offer something to existing customers. Refer freinds to AMEX and you will get a significant number of points. This information is adverstised to you when login to the account online.\r\n\r\nYou could just ring up and ask them whats in it for you if you decide to cancel and wait out 18 months. But remember, while you have not got the AMEX card you are earning signicantly less points for that 18 months, so how much is that going to cost you?\r\n\r\nThe difference is, the reward for being a loyal customer.

That is one way to look at it, the other is that the policy locks you into a sub optimal card. Its all in the perspective. The option is to get a "bank issued ’ card for 18 mths. they are exempt. Is still think loyalty is undervalued. In my business keeping a customer is cheaper than getting a new customer. Churn is VERY expensive.

It’s not just Amex, most banks do the same thing! That’s why I keep records of the date that I close accounts.

There is a way:


Call Amex just before your annual fee date (3-4 weeks) and say “I’m considering cancelling the card, but you’re undecided”.

They are able to offer a retention bonus on the spot (may be anywhere from 8-58k points!)

Give it a shot!

I recently got 7500 points on my Qantas Discovery AMEX for getting a supplementary card and making a purchase on it. The supplementary card was even in my name. I just called them for something else and they offered it to me.

There’s usually a bonus if you refer someone to AMEX as well…