How will Amex handle my annual complimentary flight if I cancel my Velocity Platinum card between the time of booking and the travel date?

Hoping someone can shed some light on a hypothetical situation:

Wondering if it is possible to book the annual complimentary Virgin Domestic Flight (through Amex) for say, a trip in December 2016, before cancelling the Amex card say next week.

In other words, would Virgin/Amex cancel the December booking if they recognised the Amex Card was cancelled between the time of booking/redeeming the flight and the travel date?

Thank you.

Hi hacker,

I have no first hand experience of doing this, but have read on other travel forums, that booking the flight now, then later cancelling the Amex card, does not result in the fight booking being consequently cancelled.

Of course, there is a clear risk with this strategy. Who know what “improvements” Amex may make to their systems between now and your trip in December.

Regards, Bluenose.

As per bluenose’ response, once your Amex booking is in, they are not cancelled (to my knowledge) due to cards being cancelled. The booking is a booking. You might find it hard to change potentially if needed, and I guess Amex probably reserve the right to cancel the booking if something really fraudulent went on on your account - but it is accepted that you can make that booking once you have paid your annual fee at the beginning of your cardholder year.

I’m about to do exactly what you propose: cancel my AMEX card next week, having booked a redemption flight for June.  I can’t see that AMEX can renege on the initial card agreement…