How to utilise NAB Rewards and AMEX MR bonus points for upgrades/hotel stays within Australia and Asia?

Hi, first of all thank you for this site, it is very informative. I am new to points collection and would like to get your thoughts on what to do with 100k points from Amex Explorer and 80k NAB Platinum Rewards points I currently have as a new customer. I got the NAB card because I’m a customer and it’s free for the first year but I find their rewards program very limited, especially with airline partners. I’m eyeing seat upgrades for regional flights w/in Oz and Asia, and/or free hotel stays, especially with Hilton which I’m already a member.


I can only comment on potential use of your AMEX Gateway points for hotels. This Point Hack article suggest that your 100k amex points can be transfer to Hilton for 100k pts. This can potentially be used for outright hotel room redemptions or upgrades.