How to use Qantas Club lounge passes on QF-code Emirates flight?


I have recently obtained the Amex Qantas Ultimate card with a view to purchasing a flight to Lahore in April.

The card comes with complimentary Amex and Qantas Club Lounge passes for QF or QF operated flights which should be fine because I’m flying a QF operated Emirates flight.

The problem is that the flight I want to book departs at 6am and the lounges don’t open until 5/6am - I’m not a frequent flyer so ideally I would have wanted a comfortable 2 hours using the lounge but due to not being open 24/7 I won’t really be able to use them properly or not really at all (I’d have to be at the gate within 30minutes of departure…)

Instead I thought it would be good to use the pass during my 7h layover in Dubai however I have been told that the Qantas Business lounge in Dubai is Emirates owned and doesn’t accept complimentary Qantas Club lounge passes. So now I’m disraught because as I said I don’t fly frequently so I don’t want to waste these precious lounge passes!

Is there any way I can use them during my layover in Dubai? Has anyone had experience haggling with Qantas about this? It’s not my fault that the Sydney lounge is not open 24/7 and with a 7hour layover I really think they could be accomodating me better. I will call and complain to their customer service but I’m wondering if anyone knows any other avenue or had this problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, these passes are for use in Qantas operated lounge and Dubai’s lounge is operated by Emirates. Also, your flight is sold by QF but operated by EK (they are the ones flying you there). You could try and sell your Qantas Club passes online but do so at your own risk. Also, you can use your passes for domestic flights and I believe you get them every cardmember year.

Hey thanks for the great advice, I didn’t know I could use them for domestic flights, that’s great and also I didn’t think about selling them! That’s a clever idea because apparently they can be gifted to other QFF members.

In the process of finding a flight that departed after 6am I have wasted time so now flights are too expensive and I’ve had to postpone my plans altogether. The silver lining is that I’ve decided to fly Thai instead who fly out at 11am AND the duration of the whole flight is 17hours which is the shortest of any airline on this route (the average is 25 hours). They’re also the cheapest, so win-win :slight_smile:

Well in this case, departing at 11am means you could use your AMEX lounge passes instead of your Qantas ones to enter the AMEX lounge at Sydney instead!