How to use AMEX Explorer Gateway points to get to Japan?

Hi, I recently acquired the AMEX explorer hoping to use the sign up points offer to secure flights to Japan in early 2018. I currently have just over 130 000 points, and was wondering if you have any advice on the best way to get most value for points?

With reference to this article\r\n\r\n130,000 Explorer points can be transferred to 97,500 Asia Miles.\r\n\r\nSydney to Tokyo return is 80,000 Asia miles in business on Japan Airlines. Seems like a sweet spot.\r\n\r\nIf you want to travel early 2018 probably need to book now. As explained in the article look for award space on British Airways website and call Asia Miles to book. See details here

Asia miles is the way to go. 80K return in business class, either on JAL, Qantas or Cathay. Obviously Qantas and JAL fly direct, whereas you’ll have to connect through Hong Kong with Cathay.

JAL only fly from Sydney, so if you’re not there you’ll probably be on a Qantas flight. They use their new business class seat on the A330s on this route, so fantastic hard product.

You have probably left it too late to get your preferred dates though.