How to transfer HSBC Classic reward points to frequent flyer programs?

I have a HSBC Classic credit card which I am changing over to a Virgin Velocity card. I have 70,000 reward points on my HSBC Classic card which I cannot redeem as velocity points, nor can I transfer to any other HSBC credit cards which are aligned with velocity points. What is the best way to use these points to obtain frequent flyer points?

You can redeem in lots of 5000 points to Krisflyer or Asia Miles. You will receive 2500 miles in both cases and of course you will need to be a member of either first.

Go to this site to view the catalog, the redemption codes are on the last two pages.

Also be sure to redeem before you close your account or the points will forfeit.

As you are a Velocity FF, you can redeem Krisflyer Miles = 35,000 miles , then transfer to Velocity however you will lose some points as the exchange is 1.35 points for 1 VFF point. Your 70k HSBC points will earn you 25,925 Velocity points.


Brilliant.  Thank you.

Sorry, I think there was a misunderstanding.  I have a HSBC ‘Classic’ credit card which is an older HSBC credit card.  The ‘Classic’ card has now been updated to a Premium or Platinum card.  But my 75,000 points are stuck in the ‘Classic’ reward system which doesn’t appear to be aligned with any frequent flyer programs. Do you have any suggestions for my ‘Classic’ points?